Design through experience

We focus on helping companies to simplify their digital customer experiences and create stand-out brands, web sites, and digital products which deliver.

We combine beautiful design with solid business experience

At Henderton, our job goes beyond just imagining and creating beautiful digital design concepts. Your strategy, brand, experience and product need to combine in a way which differentiates your business. As design strategists, we bridge the gap between strategy and execution. We align the goals of your business to the needs of your customers, creating exceptional brand experiences.

We have the privilege of working with fast-growing companies looking to improve their marketing. We act as both consultants and as an extension to in-house teams, helping businesses to grow, launch products, and build deeper relationships with their communities.

Our multi-disciplinary team works closely with you to improve, re-invent and create whatever you need. We love what we do, but what really makes us shine is years of experience and a deep knowledge of internal business processes which enable us to develop products which are exactly as they should be. Our varied backgrounds in consultancy, finance, strategy and design mean that you benefit from solid business experience which really drives your business metrics. We are an international team, which means we can customise your products to different cultures and local needs.

Decades of international experience, in your corner



We’ve worked with clients ranging from start-ups to large companies, across a wide cross-section of sectors and geographies